Snake in the train- part 2

As the commotion in the train continued I randomly decided to ask a girl right next to me, trying equally hard to save herself, “did u see the snake?” “Well, no..I didn’t but I guess that girl did”, she said.

One by one every girl in that compact 1×1 inch area pointed at another girl until our question reached the girl who was screaming her lungs out by now and standing on the bench ..

“I saw a long tail..n no, mouse/rats don’t have such tails.. I’m pretty sure it is a snake”. By now i started to doubt if there was really any snake – big or small, poisonous or friendly..and suddenly we heard women in neighbour compartment screaming..

I wondered how could the snake travel between two compartmemts without biting anyone or maybe there were two of them travelling coyly without any tickets!!

By then our train had slowed down and i heaved a sigh of relief as it was approaching the platform and my destination..just then something bizarre happened.. women were jumping on to the bystanders in order to save themselves from snake..I was keeping my fingers crossed that I should get down safely as it could turn out to be a real mess.

Hundreds of women waited at the platform for the train, all oblivious to a possible snake scare!

As soon as i got down, I ran towards the escalator which decided not to function owing to overloading.. so I ran upstairs..and as I did, I looked at the train hoping someone will pull the chain..well the train did seem to stop longer than usual but was soon on its way..I guess the snake was smarter than we thought or better disguised as noone could spot it till now..

As I tucked myself safely in my bed I wondered if it was right to run away from a possible maddness or should I have tried to stay back and inform authorities like a good samaritan..

You see, we often think of heroism but it’s these times we really know what being a true hero is like; and I’m definitely not one.

I hoped to read about this bizzare experience in a local newspaper next day. I even tried searching some of the most frivolous news platforms but nowhere it was mentioned that “there was a snake in the train.”

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