There is a SNAKE in the train!

Remembering how guilty I felt for knowing my only travel partner’s little secret which i also happened to have shared with you all in my previous post ‘That girl in the local’.. I was lost once again in my own world observing how fast things were changing around me.. around everyone taking this local..

I was almost near ‘Milan subway’ when the train got crowded.. I took it as a signal to stand near the edge of the compartment’s door to avoid being stuck inside n missing my station.. just then a murmur started to grow louder and was accompanied by laughter n mild screams.. I ignored it thinking it must be another quarrel between two self proclaimed sophisticated women commuters travelling in 1st class compartment and entertaining others after a long day at work.. and then I heard it.. loud and clear.. ‘there’s a snake’!!!

The train was moving n everyone was running.. actually trying to run for their lives.. pushing me nearly to death and out of that slow moving train. I was 99% sure if not the snake.. people will definitely kill me today..

For those who dont know..Mumbai locals are jammed packed with barely any space to move your hand even when you feel like covering your nose while sneezing or your mouth while coughing.. manners are frowned upon and space is luxury !!

Stay tuned for my next post to know what happened to that snake!!

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