Taking the “Leap of Faith”

For months I have wanted to write about this pleasant & yet chance experience but wasn’t sure how to go about it. So here it is.

Earlier this year in June, I finally mustered the courage to travel solo to one of the most surreal places on the earth – Northeast India. My tight budget allowed me to travel semi-luxuriously for close to a week to Guwahati, Shillong and Cherrapunji (Sohra) where I experienced the most amazing & world known caves and visited the pious Kamakhya temple. However what took my breath away were the waterfalls! Each waterfall is a beauty on its own forming a natural clean blue pool. Natural & live root bridges made it look like a scene taken directly from the Jurassic park minus the dinosaurs. 😉


While I can keep going on about the mystic beauty of this state, there was one small experience rather few words that still linger on my mind – it’s all about taking that leap of faith!”

It was the last day of my trip and I had gotten up early for the famous ‘Double Decker Trek”. Almost 1200 steps one way is an adventure on its own. On the other side of the trek I was to expect a grand waterfall, right next to the double decker bridge and a natural pool surrounding it, which owing to rainy season was not very friendly. However when I reached there, I was flummoxed. I couldn’t believe that god could create and humans could preserve such a beauty!

Besides me, the guide and a friend, there was a group of 4 to 5 young boys. They were chilling, swimming, bathing in the waterfall, clicking pictures with drone and soaking in the scenic beauty that was around. Later I learnt they were from Bangalore and had come to Northeast for a vacation.

I…actually we all had our eyes gaze on a handsome young boy in that group. He had long hair and most importantly a free spirit! He would run around the double decker, up and down the rocks, swim in the daring water and bathe under that strong waterfall. Looking at him, I was thinking, what if my friends were here. I could possibly do all of this or if the waterfall wasn’t that strong then I could at least get wet under that too. Suddenly I realized someone was looking at me. It was the long hair guy standing right under the waterfall. He asked me to join him. “I am scared” I shouted. “C’mon, if I can do that you can too”, he shouted back.

Something inside me said Ja Anshu Ja, jee le apni zindagi (a popular dialogue from DDLJ movie of Shahrukh and Kajol). 🙂 So, I went ahead but didn’t yet have the courage to get into that waterfall. He stood under the falling water to convince me. Finally, I tried. I moved a step closer. Water was cold, and the current was strong so I did not go inside the waterfall. Just then, a hand reached out to me.


The free spirited boy said hey, its nature, take a leap of faith, and you are there. It’s not dangerous. Holding his hand, I finally got into the chilling waterfall, screamed with joy and he screamed along with me. I was jumping with joy, but the water too cold for me to stay there long.

Soon, we embarked on the closure of the trek, climbing up another 1200 steps in the scorching heat. We bid farewell to each other for until next time, who knows!

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